BIOQUANT SCAN: Slide Scanning Solutions for Every Lab

BIOQUANT is excited to be participating in the next generation in digital imaging. Imagine being able to generate large, high resolution digital scans of all of your slides. These scans can be shared with others, archived and retrieved, and quantified with the BIOQUANT Image Analysis Software. BIOQUANT offers slide scanning options for a variety of budget needs. We also support images from external slide scanners, such as the Olympus FSX100 and Aperio ScanScope.

Digital Research Pathology

This emerging technique allows samples to be analyzed in offices and labs away from the microscope facility and by many people simultaneously. To do this, samples (usually tissue sections or well plates) are scanned at sub-micron resolutions and stored as calibrated digital image scans on the network. 

This means that the microscope is only occupied for as long as it takes to collect the scans of the samples. In contrast, when using live imaging for analysis, the microscope and BIOQUANT are occupied for as long as it takes to collect the data.

There are many ways to image scans at different price levels and levels of functionality. BIOQUANT SCAN is an automated solution that can image up to 7 slides or a 96-welled plate at a time. The BIOQUANT Imaging Toolkit coupled with the free Microscope Image Composite Editor is a manual solution slide scanning solution.  Third party solutions such as the Aperio Slide Scanner are also supported. 

To collect data, a scientist uses a computer with the BIOQUANT software to retrieve and analyze the scans. This workstation is often located in an office or lab away from the microscopy facility. With a scan, BIOQUANT lets you measure at any magnification: even creating "virtual objectives" like 0.25x so you can see even the largest sections in one field of view.

You can learn more about scanning options on the BIOQUANT SCAN Add-on pages for either BIOQUANT OSTEO or BIOQUANT LIFE SCIENCE.