Image Analysis Software for Bioscience Research

BIOQUANT Image Analysis Corporation develops software and hardware to enable bioscience research in animal models and human biopsy.

Specialized for Life Sciences and Bone Biology

Our products have specialized protocols for the general bioscience research market, as well as the specific bone biology research market. However, they have been used for applications are varied as space research, industry quality control, anthropology research. 

Slide Scanning Solutions

BIOQUANT is bringing digital pathology slide scanning tools to basic research labs by lowering equipment costs, expanding imaging capabilities, and simplifying the private sharing and public release of data.

The BIOQUANT SCAN Add-on supports the scanning, viewing, analysis, and sharing of large digital images created from glass tissue slides or welled plates.



Visit the BIOQUANT Community

BIOQUANT users with an active technical services plan receive web-based training, priority technical support, template design help, annual upgrades, and have access to a web-based data exchange platform. 

Users with an Active Technical Services Plan Receive

Live, Web-based, Individual Training

  • We explain via Desktop sharing.
  • We train new students.
  • We speed up analysis by teaching people to use the new analysis tools in each upgrade.
  • We provide refresher training for people who have been away from the BIOQUANT for a while.

Priority Technical Support

  • We solve problems quickly. 
  • We keep systems running.
  • We coordinate hardware repair.

Protocol Design Consultation

  • We create new analysis templates for your new projects.

Annual Software Upgrades

  • Accelerate current protocols.
  • Add new tools.
  • Maintain compatibility.

Web-based Data Exchange Platform

  • We provide several data exchange tools for BIOQUANT labs to communicate with each other and BIOQUANT.
  • We provide a simple web-based interface that allows you to share image data with BIOQUANT or other collaborators.
  • We have additional solutions for very large data exchanges (1TB or more).